Seasonal Camp


Discovery. Excitement. Learning. Safety.

Seasonal Camp


WCC Educational Curriculum

Our children will explore different coutries and learn about famous people in the world. They will be doing arts & crafts or other activities related to the particular theme of that day.


Weekly Field Trips

​Lego Land, Pump it up, Lawry Park Zoo, Glazer Child Museum, Florida Aquarium, MOSI Museum, Fire Station, & Sheriff Department Tour are some of the places our children will visit every week to

discover the world. 

Intro to Taekwondo Technqiue

Our children will be learning in depth Taekwondo techniques during summer camp   (Intro to nunchuck, Sparring technique, Form technique, Breaking technique, & Tournament skills are some classes that our WCC Masters will teach during summer camp)


Our WCC staff will supervise our children while they enjoy their time at the pool.

Movie Theater​

Our children will watch PG13 and lower movies at the cinema.



We take our children to the library to encourage them to read books.


Our children not play with friends and occasionally clean up the park to appreciate nature.

​Safe & Secure Environment


Summer Camp is available at all locations.