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To say World Champion Center Masters teach high-quality Taekwondo is very true.  

That's the essence of what we do- but it hardly tells the whole story.  

Taekwondo has become the most popular sport in the martial arts.  But why do people choose World Champion Center? Because they know that they can count on our professionalism and our value system. We believe that each and every person is responsible for being a good person,citizen and leader in order to create a happy family, community, society, and nation. That is why we strive to provide genuine Taekwondo and excellent philosophy programs that benefit mental and physical health.


WCC Mission

To empower the brighter future by enriching our students' quality of life

through a well-balanced physical & mental health.


WCC Vision


To create a brighter future by becoming a better follower and/or leader for our members, community,

and nation through being more ethical, socially responsible and dependable everyday.




​About Us

World Champion Center is Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation,

and USA Taekwondo accredited school.
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