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Afterschool Program

focuses on providing  second home to our children

Before & Afterschool Program*

WCC understands both parents and children and we are here to be a part of your family by meeting your needs. Working parents can rely on us because our goal is to provide a second home for our children with:

care & respect,

educational & fun program and 

teaching them to be physically & mentally healthy

Benefits of WCC Before & Afterschool Program

Transportation to and from school

Taekwondo Classes- gain the physical and mental benefits of martial arts instruction

Spring, Fall, Winter Camp

 Nonschool Day Camp

Recess time- break time before homework

Philosophy lessons- teach our children how to apply great values in their daily lives

Homework assistance- help our children on homework

Comprehensive curriculum- provide worksheets that supplement school work

Awesome kid ceremony-award prizes to children to encourage good behavior

Movie day

Provide snack & drink

*Certain locations provide both before & afterschool program.
All locations provide afterschool program. 
Please contact us to confirm.
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